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“Best Ever” Roasted Carrots and Parsnips

I believe that roasting vegetables brings out the most intense flavor. Root veggies, squash varieties and tomatoes become sweeter; cauliflower and broccoli take on an almost creamy texture; peppers become smoky and tender. Thus, I had never imagined a way … Continue reading

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Warm Arugula and Chickpea Salad

It is finally Friday, and this grey, rainy week is almost over with promises of warm sunshine next week! When it is cold and drippy, I know it is hard to want to eat fresh crisp food. All I want … Continue reading

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Chickpea Salad

On some hot days, specifically those where I am so tired after work I can barely take off my shoes, I feel like mixing things together is the extent of my skills. For those days, I keep a can of … Continue reading

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Great Grandma’s Pickled Beet Recipe

I remember that when I was little, I thought pickled beets were the worst thing ever. They came in a can and were not anything I wanted to eat. Then, at my grandma’s,┬ásomeone convinced me to eat a pickled beet. … Continue reading

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Baked Falafel with Cucumber Salad

I’m on a chickpea kick right now. After yesterday’s warm salad I think it is time to share with you my favorite thing to do with chickpeas: falafel! I have tried many different recipes over the years, and today’s was … Continue reading

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Warm Chickpea and Swiss Chard Salad with Chorizo

I know it has been warm and beautiful in Boston these past few days, and no one wants to spend too much time over a hot stove when there is a grill outside, or a cold salad in the fridge. … Continue reading

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Brown Rice and Shrimp Stuffed Kale

When Laura and I got kale in our recent veggie box we sat in the lab and scratched our heads trying to come up with something unique to make. I had kale on pizza once, which was interesting but not … Continue reading

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